The simple stupid for Java.

Jeasy is a collection of easy peasy libraries and micro-frameworks for the JVM.
No buzzwords, no feature creep.. Simple, stupid tools to get things done.. easily!

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rules engine

batch framework

state machine

workflow engine

job server

properties library


Easy Rules

Turn any POJO into a business rule with a couple of annotations. No other language to learn, write your rules in Java, and fire them in Java. If you like Drools, you will love Easy Rules!

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Easy Batch

A lightweight alternative to the excellent Spring Batch framework. Easy Batch takes care of all the boilerplate code of reading, writing, filtering data and lets you focus on your application's logic

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Easy Flows

A small engine for small workflows. No complex notation or execution language to learn. All you need is 4 basic composable flows that are natural to understand and use to build powerful workflows.

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Easy States

State machines are easy to understand on a paper right? Just a bunch of states with transitions. Well, Easy States makes it easy with code as well!

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Easy Props

Don't look for properties, declare them on your objects and get them injected! Easy Props is a library that you control, not the other way around.

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Easy Jobs

Non intrusive server for your daily jobs. Write your jobs and .. that's it! You get execution, scheduling, monitoring, administration and reporting for free.

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Jeasy is a friend of Jodd, Jcabi and Apache commons. Our philosophy is the same as these wonderful projects: keeping things simple, stupid, easy and straightforward. We do strongly believe that having multiple small and focused tools that do one thing and do it well is better than having one big swiss-knife framework that does everything.

We aim at developing tools that are easy to learn and use. Our goal is not to compete with existing de-facto solutions, but to provide lightweight alternatives that would be sufficient in many cases. We all know we should start small right? Well, Jeasy is here to help you start small!


"I use [Easy Batch] in production (and love it)"

chsFleury / @github

"I'm using [Easy Rules] for an IOT project at a fortune 10 company"

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"We are using [Easy Batch] and we love it :)"

sothavirak / @github

"Thanks @easy_batch. You guys rock - especially your use of fluent interfaces in your APIs :-) #cleancode"

NorthConcepts / @twitter

"Thanks for all the updates related to Spring Batch. However, I have decided to use EasyBatch"

hashbrown / @stackoverflow

"I went through the documentation and was impressed with your easy, lightweight, pojo based engine."

jnsunkersett / @github

"Thanks for this nice and useful framework!"

nfleury / @github

"just stumbled on [Easy Rules], this is really good work!"

simosentissi / @github

"Loving [Easy Batch] so far. Making something I'm working on very simple"

zackehh_ / @twitter

"thanks for this project. I like it a lot."

Kmouille / @github

"Easy Batch looks pretty interesting."

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"Easy Batch looks neat."

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IntelliJ IDEA

Thanks to JetBrains for providing a free license of IntelliJ IDEA for Jeasy projects.

YourKit Java Profiler

Thanks to YourKit, LLC for providing a free license of YourKit Profiler for Jeasy projects.

Travis CI

Thanks to Travis CI for providing a free CI service for Jeasy projects.